The Intention Leads Us to Resolution

There is a subtle difference in the definitions of resolutions and intentions. Resolution is a resolve or determination, to make a firm resolution to do something (just as I made to lose weight after I read the Shakeology reviews). Intention is purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct. At the beginning of each year we often feel it’s a good time to think about what aspects of our lives need to be worked on in order to improve our overall wellbeing and life experience. So we set what is popularly referred to as “New Year’s Resolutions”. Resolutions tend to focus on aspects of our lives that we are not happy about and would like to change, but the resolution often does not carry any firm conviction or belief in its outcome.

It’s more a wish than anything. The resolutions could be about things like wanting to stop eating unhealthy foods, giving up smoking, avoiding drinking too much alcohol, feeling guilty for not getting enough exercise, or not spending enough time with family, etc. Intentions on the other hand, are positive, specific, goal orientated, conscious decisions we make about things we intend to accomplish. We state them in the present tense, with belief and conviction that they have already manifested in the infinite field of pure potential.

Can we attain these things? We need intentions in order to achieve resolution. Our intention to change our lives is what guides us on the path toward a resoution. The resolution can be an understanding or a completion of a task that we have set for ourselves. For most of us, the intention is easy but following through with the steps toward resolution is what is hardest. Resolution itself is simple – we just have to take the necessary path that’s set before us.