If You Are Planning on a Lot of Wedding Pictures, Hire a Party Bus for a Comfortable Place to Retreat to

My cousin got married and she borrowed a classic Rolls-Royce for the vehicle to take her to the reception. It really was a beautiful car, but it could only hold four people. The elderly gentleman who owned it was the driver, and it was just my cousin and her groom in the back seat. It was cool looking in the pictures though. The things is, though, most weddings are about sticking together with your wedding party for the whole day and evening. This is why we decided to hire a party bus for our daughter’s wedding. This way the whole wedding party along with some others could ride to the reception together after the ceremony.

I have been to a lot of weddings. Not everyone who goes to the reception actually shows up for the ceremony. One of the complaints from guests is having to wait for the bridal party to arrive at the reception because of the photography delay. The wedding pictures are taken after the ceremony, and then the bridal party usually goes to another location for more pictures. It is common to have ones taken outdoors at a special place too. The bridal party gets antsy waiting for the photographer to get set up, and reception guests that arrive early get bored. Choosing to hire a party bus lets the whole bridal party plus a number of other guests ride together to the secondary photo shoot location. And the party bus is equipped with comfortable seating and a bar for beverages to keep people occupied while different photos are taken.

Models and movie stars have trailers they retreat to between photo sessions or takes. A party bus is great to have there at your secondary wedding photo location. If it is hot or cold, the bus is climate controlled and comfortable. With more of your main guests with you, no one gets bored waiting at the reception hall except the early birds who skipped your wedding ceremony. They can wait. Party buses are a great platform for all the transportation you need for the bridal party and a number of guests on a wedding day.