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Cell Phone Accessories – All the Bells and Whistles

Cell phones are quickly becoming the most popular gadgets on the market. Like most technology products, there’s much more to the item than initially meets the eye. Sure, you can go to the store and try purchasing a cell phone for less than $100 but we’re pretty sure you won’t leave the store without purchasing at least one cell phone accessory.

Cell phone accessories are designed for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to enhance the appearance of your phone, sometimes it to protect your phone from damage and sometimes it’s to help the functionality of your phone. Below you will find a list of some of the most popular cell phone accessories on today’s market:

* Cell Phone Cases. Cell phone cases are multi-functional. Not only can they be bedazzled to look fun and unique (think Paris Hilton) but they also help protect the hardware of your cell phone, ultimately increasing its longevity.

* Cell Phone Chargers. Your cell phone will only last so long before it dies. Purchasing a high end charger will make sure your cell phone is available whenever you need it.

* Cell Phone Headsets. With so many laws coming into effect making it illegal to talk or text while driving, headsets are becoming more and more important. There are several headsets available that allow you to talk without holding your phone.

* Hands Free Car Kits. Much like cell phone headsets and Bluetooth, hands free car kits make it easier to drive and execute daily tasks while talking on your phone. Hands free car kits are also becoming increasingly popular since many laws have come out restricting cell phone use while driving.

* Ringtones. Cell phone ring tones are both fun and interesting. You can change your universal ringtone or you can make a specific ringtone for each of the contacts on your list. Most cell phones come equipped with default ringtones and you can always download ringtones for a small fee if you want specific songs or noises.

Sometimes it’s necessary to spice up the look and functionality of your phone. Cell phone accessories can be very affordable – plus, they’re great stocking stuffers for the Christmas season!